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will not give you anything in payment for your suffering,
now or later, unless you give your full loyalty to it. The
loyalty you have brought with you here today is everything,
it is your oply hope." Then he told them what he felt each
man owed to the others,

He did not talk long. And afterward he could never re-
member piecisely what he had said, though he remembered
in perfect clarity the face of the man in the faded blue
overalls who had stood just below the platform and had
looked up at him. Though he could not, later, recall the
words he had spoken, or even, very certainly, the ideas he
had wanted to express, he could remember how the speech
had welled up powerfully in him, how still and sharp the
distant oak trees had appeared, and how incredibly brilliant
and empty had been the sky from which the light poured
over the landscape and the innumerable faces.

When he turned to take his seat he felt like a somnam-
bulist who is gradually recalled to himself, the rising sound
of shouts and applause bringing him back to the reality of
the hot, bunting-draped platform and his friends beside him.
Mr. Christian was standing in front of him, wringing his
hand and slapping him on the back and shouting, " By God,
Perse, you got the bastards told I" The Senator and the
other men were grouped around him, the Senator smiling
and stretching out his hand. Over hi front of the little table,
Doctor Milton was waving his arms toward the crowd, try-
ing to say something,

Hie rally was soon over.

When Mr. Munn entered his room ar the hotel that night
be mw Tery tired He switched on the light and unpacked
hfe fa&c which he found pushed under the bed. Outside,
wre singing in the street. He probably wouldn't be
We m get muck sleep, for that sort of thing might be going
**lP*t wiaight He undressed hurriedly, turned out the
lj{ta * &* aa bed At least, he could relax.
; As m.a fee touched the ptflow the sense of despondency